Setting up a Raspberry Pi web server

Raspberry Pi web server

Pyplate CMS

Front and back views of the Banana Pi, and a set up diagram.  Images courtesy of Lemaker.org.

Eben Upton introduces the Raspberry Pi B+.

I’ve released an updated version of Pyplate, my Python CMS.  It’s now based on WSGI rather than CGI, so it’s much more efficient.  I’ve also added a few security enhancements. Check out the updated installation instructions at http://www.pyplate.com/install-pyplate 

Lemaker.org sent me four Banana Pi computers.  I’ve started building a website about Banana Pis, and I’ll host it on a Banana Pi cluster.

Polymorph theme for Pyplate Python CMS

Webber theme for Pyplate CMS

Marine theme for Pylate.

Bistro theme for Pyplate Python CMS.

This page in Pyplate’s admin area has options to export the database to XML files.

Images can be added to Pyplate posts using the ckEditor tool bar.  You can apply the Lightbox style to images in the Styles menu.